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Pre-Construction Services
During this phase, we give you a detailed walk-through of the process including:
- Review and agree on budget
- Discuss project feasibility and suggest improvements
- Create a detailed schedule
- Scrutinize the materials and methods for adherence to the schedule as well as identify potential cost concerns
- Establish project cost-control systems
- Prepare pre-construction punch lists
The more effort put into pre-construction means faster buildout and fewer mistakes.
Construction Services
During this phase, we’re in continuous communications with you as well as:
-Conduct weekly project meetings and produce minutes
-Coordinate and supervise work construction activities
-Update the schedule in real-time
-Complete material and equipment submittals
-Interface with building ownership/management
-Perform continual quality assurance
-Maintain a clean and safe worksite
We’re a team of specialists committed to the goal of producing work of the highest quality while satisfying our customers requirements.
Post-Construction Services
During this phase, we teach you to operate the interior as well as:
-Provide accurate as-built drawings
-Produce owner manuals
-Conduct training on new equipment
-Give explanation for warranties
We don’t leave a site until the hand-off is complete and you can operate the interior as it was intended.
Maintenance Services
On an ongoing basis, we provide services such as:
-Miscellaneous repair due to use
-Painting touch-ups
-Carpet repair
-Furniture relocation
-Electrical / data changes
-Minor office reconfiguration
Not sure if we provide a service you need? Simply contact us and ask!

What We Do

We have the know-how. You simply have to know us.

IAI PROVIDES general contractor services exclusively focusing on interior construction.


Take a look around the room you’re in right now…

It probably took five to ten tradespeople to build it out (don’t worry if you can’t name them, we can, so you don’t have to). It’s a multifaceted process that involves many different professionals and just as many personalities.

Some say it’s like managed chaos. For us, it’s just managed, which is why we run the tightest, smoothest and most efficient crews around.


We're ready, are you?

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